Pattern Perla + Colour Rosso

This prestigious building project shows how stainless steel sheet combines aesthetics with ruggedness, for a great overall job.

At the Rundle Place project, Hassel Architects wanted to make a statement. A ribbon made of Steel Color Australia coloured and textured stainless steel was used to provide an iridescent and colour-changing feature that highlighted the principal tenants.

Not only did this spectacular cladding make a statement, it covered the air conditioning plant and connected the front facade to the office tower at the back. And, the client loved it!

The overseas production of some 270 sheets, weighing 10 tonnes and shipment to the site were facilitated by Steel Color Australia.

Vince Araullo notes,

We made sure everyone involved understood all the technical aspects of our product by keeping them informed of product availability and helping with the construction of the prototype. We are proud of our involvement with this outstanding project, which really shows how coloured and textured stainless steel sheet can be used for both aesthetics and long term protection.”

Our wide range of coloured and textured stainless steel sheets not only allow bending and cutting to provide creative expression but also provide protection and durability.