Stainless steel is a high quality material which guarantees permanence, has high level hygienic qualities and great mechanical properties. It is often used in the construction and elevator industries, as well as in architecture, exterior and interior design.

The modern equipment, completely designed by Steel Color’s staff, makes it possible for us to produce any kind of polishing, thus ensuring the ideal texture and brilliance for interference colouring, known as the I.N.C.O system, which has been the principal subject of Steel Color’s production over the years.

The combination of various colours and satinizing finishes (such as mirror, scotch brite, hairline or cross-santinzing) increase the options available in our stainless steel range. Then with the addition of embossed patterns or etched texture effects the options are only limited by imagination. Thanks to our expertise and constant product development, Steel Color is in a position to offer one of the most complete and wide-ranging catalogues, ensuring the company a world-wide leading position in the field of stainless steel surface treatment.

Not only has an electro-coloured stainless steel outstanding aesthetic quality, but it also maintains the essential characteristics of the stainless steel material. It is equally resistant to corrosion and it can be worked in the same way, such as bending and cutting.

Although stainless steel is Steel Color’s main focus, brass, bronze, copper and aluminium are also crafted with equal care and precision.

Thanks to our research and development strategy in the international market, Steel Color is the ideal partner for anyone wishing to explore new ideas or looking for innovative solutions. Our team is equipped with a wealth of technical know-how and expertise to assist our clients, architects, designers, manufacturers and end users. Please contact us for more information.